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Unlock the power of aerial intelligence: Our cutting-edge aerial survey mapping services provide you with accurate, high-resolution imagery and data for informed decision-making. We offer a suite of advanced geospatial solutions that capture high resolution images providing essential data crucial for decision-making and project planning​, design and construction across diverse sectors such as research, real estate, engineering, agriculture, and energy.

Operating nationwide and with twenty years of industry experience, we are leaders in generating accurate 3D terrain models, aerial photogrammetry of sites, towns, oceans, beaches and remote wilderness areas. Our ortho-rectified aerial surveys provide data that is integral for creating topographical maps, elevation maps, and digital terrain models (DTMs), which are indispensable for site planning and construction​​​​. Additionally, services like LiDAR offer sophisticated technology to capture detailed geospatial information​​.

Take your projects to new heights with precision and clarity.

Aerial Photogrammetry to Assess Stock‐Wide Marine Turtle Nesting Distribution, Abundance and Cumulative    Exposure to Industrial Activit

Aerial Photogrammetry to Assess Stock‐Wide Marine
Turtle Nesting Distribution, Abundance and Cumulative
Exposure to Industrial Activity


Construction progress aerials and maps

Construction progress aerials and maps

Dugong Aerial Survey: Mission Beach to Moreton Bay

Distribution and abundance of dugongs along the urban coast of the Great Barrier Reef, Hervey Bay and Moreton Bay



Unlock the power of aerial imagery analysis: Elevate your projects with our cutting-edge ortho-rectified maps!

The services we offer include:

Aerial Surveys: Capture the world from above with high-resolution aerial imagery. Integrate our aerial survey mapping data directly into your existing workflows and software applications. Streamline your operations and stay ahead of the competition. High-resolution ortho-rectified maps provide a true-to-scale representation of the surveyed area. They capture landscapes and features from above utilizing advanced technology for topographic mapping, real estate, and land use planning. Formats include PDF, GeoTIFF, SVG

Mapping and GIS: Turn imagery into actionable maps for precise decision-making with Google Map overlays. Creating accurate 3D representations of terrain and structures, ideal for construction planning & progress, landscape design, and environmental studies. Formats include OBJ, STL, DEM, Shapefile, GeoDatabase

Data Analysis: with our customized survey solutions we tailoring our services to meet your specific project requirements, ensuring a personalized approach to every assignment. We can include customised data analysis and reporting, statistical analysis, trend identification, and insightful recommendations. 

Elevation Models: Create detailed Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Surface Elevation Models (SEMs). Our Digital Surface Models (DSMs) / Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) process data files showing surface elevations or bare-earth terrain, respectively. Formats include LAS (LiDAR), GeoTIFF

Environmental Monitoring: Vegetation, Wildlife and Habitat Monitoring, track changes in landscapes, ecosystems, and natural resources with our detailed reports on vegetation cover, type, and health, with analysis and imagery.

Construction Planning: Optimize site planning and progress monitoring. Embrace the future of construction management, where every detail of your project is captured with razor-sharp precision from the skies. Imagine the power of having a bird's-eye view of your entire project, with real-time updates and millimeter-accurate measurements at your fingertips. This is not just mapping; it's the key to unlocking efficiency, precision, and safety on a scale never before possible..

Urban Development: Support smart city planning and infrastructure development with aerial maps. We offer real-time, high-resolution data that is crucial for accurate planning, efficient land use, and effective resource management, ensuring your projects are not just compliant, but exemplary. They empower you with high-resolution imagery and detailed topographical data, essential for accurate planning and decision-making. This technology is invaluable for identifying existing infrastructure, natural land features, and potential development constraints, leading to more informed decision-making. By using aerial mapping, you can easily monitor environmental impacts, plan for sustainable growth, and ensure compliance with zoning laws. With these surveys, you can anticipate and navigate complex urban challenges, streamline your workflow, and significantly reduce project timelines and costs.

Coastal Management: Assess shoreline changes and manage coastal resources.

Agricultural Insights: Monitor crop health and optimize farming practices.

Transportation Planning: Plan efficient road networks and traffic management.

Land Use Planning: Analyze land utilization for sustainable development.

Natural Disaster Assessment: Prepare for and respond to natural disasters effectively.

Forestry Management: Monitor forests and plan sustainable logging practices.

From Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) to point clouds, digital area mapping, Google Maps Overlays, and Surface Elevation Models (SEMs), our expertise transforms aerial imagery into actionable insights. Whether you're in construction, environmental monitoring, or urban planning, our precision analysis takes your data to new heights


AeroGlobe has been at the forefront of aerial photogrammetry and environmental monitoring since 2008, undertaking significant projects that underscore its commitment to advancing ecological survey studies through cutting-edge aerial mapping technologies. Some of their notable projects include:

Turtle Aerial Monitoring Project, Parks Australia: This initiative involved aerial surveys to monitor turtle populations across Australian marine parks, focusing on detecting changes in habitat usage and population dynamics over time.

Coral Sea Turtle Survey, Australian Marine Parks: AeroGlobe conducted extensive aerial surveys to collect data on turtle nesting and breeding behaviors in the Coral Sea region, aiding in the protection and management of these critical marine species.

Coral Sea Marine Park Ramsar Site Management Initiatives, Department of Climate Change: The company provided aerial mapping and environmental monitoring to support the management of the Ramsar site, helping to assess the ecological health and track conservation efforts within the park. 

Mission Beach to Moreton Bay Dugong Aerial Survey, Marine & Coastal National Environmental Science Program: This project involved aerial surveys for monitoring the dugong populations along the Queensland coast, contributing to ongoing research and conservation efforts by providing updated and accurate data on population health and distribution. 

Queensland-wide Dugong Census, James Cook University & TropWater: AeroGlobe partnered with James Cook University & TropWATER to conduct extensive aerial surveys across Queensland's coast from Cape York to Moreton Bay. This large-scale project aimed to monitor the distribution and abundance of dugongs, utilizing traditional aerial survey methods alongside innovative camera technology for image capture. The initiative also incorporates the use of artificial intelligence to enhance data analysis, marking a significant advancement in aerial wildlife monitoring techniques.

Improving Dugong Research with Partnerships and New Technologies, Marine and Coastal National Environmental Science Program: AeroGlobe collaborated with marine research institutions to integrate new aerial survey technologies and methodologies, enhancing the effectiveness of dugong conservation efforts across Australia. 

Engagement with Traditional Owners in Queensland, Director of National Parks: An integral part of the dugong survey project involved collaborating with Traditional Owner groups along the Queensland coast. This collaboration aimed to integrate Indigenous knowledge and gain cultural approvals, which are crucial for the successful and respectful execution of environmental monitoring efforts. These engagements helped to ensure that the scientific approaches were aligned with the cultural values and environmental management goals of the Indigenous communities.


Real-time insights, real-world impact: Gain access to real-time aerial data, by combining expert statistical observation with advanced mapping techniques to deliver actionable marine insights.

The services we offer include:

Marine life observation: Using aerial imagery to observe and document marine life, including turtles, dugongs, marine mammals, birds and other aquatic species, for research and conservation purposes. This includes species ID, fauna counts, direction & qualifiers.

Coastal erosion and change analysis: Monitoring coastal areas to assess erosion, shoreline changes, and coastal infrastructure impacts, helping with coastal management and disaster preparedness.

Oil spill detection: Identifying and monitoring oil spills and pollutants in marine environments to facilitate rapid response and minimize environmental damage.

Customized data analysis and reporting: Providing tailored data analysis, GIS (Geographic Information System) services, and comprehensive reports to support scientific research, conservation efforts, and decision-making by government agencies and industries.

Historical data comparison: Comparing current survey data with historical data to assess long-term trends and changes in marine environments.

Environmental impact assessments: Conducting assessments to evaluate the potential impact of human activities, such as construction projects or offshore energy installations, on marine ecosystems.

Research collaboration: Collaborating with marine scientists, conservationists, government agencies, and industries to provide valuable data and insights for various marine-related projects.

Eco-friendly aerial monitoring: We're committed to environmentally responsible practices. Our aerial surveys minimize disturbances to marine life while providing crucial data for researchers and conservationists. Join the ranks of marine researchers, conservationists, and explorers who rely on our aerial survey mapping expertise. Together, we can protect and conserve our oceans for future generations.

Whether you're studying marine biodiversity, tracking migrations, or monitoring fishing activities, our tailored services adapt to your specific marine research needs

We specialise in complex marine science operations including large scale coastal corridor surveys, marine detection and observational reporting. We have authored papers on marine mammal photogrammetry and are industry leaders in creating customised camera systems for specialist operations.


Unleash the Power of Heat: Our aerial survey thermal mapping services redefine the way you see the world. Explore landscapes, buildings, and infrastructure through the lens of heat, revealing hidden insights and opportunities.  From energy audits to wildlife monitoring, our thermal aerial surveys cater to diverse sectors. Harness the potential of thermal data for smarter decision-making.


Building the Future: 3D City Models for Urban Development. Town planners and architects can now delve into a high-definition world where every building, street, and landscape is rendered with exceptional detail, offering a comprehensive overview of existing and potential urban scenarios. Our models are not just images; they are interactive canvases that allow for in-depth exploration and modification.


Experience the future of flood risk management with our state-of-the-art Aerial Flood Animation and Visualization services. Harnessing the power of advanced 3D rendering engines, we offer a dynamic solution that transforms raw data into vivid, accurate flood simulations. Our aerial maps serve as a foundation for high-impact visual stories, allowing for an immersive experience that showcases potential flood impacts with stunning realism.

Our precise 3D models and animations empower urban planners, emergency responders, and insurance companies to anticipate flood scenarios, enabling proactive planning and informed decision-making. With our services, visualize the before, during, and after of flood events, ensuring communities can prepare and respond effectively to natural disasters. Elevate your flood risk communication with our aerial mapping technology – a tool not just for visualizing data but for protecting and planning for the future. 


Step into a new era of monitoring and documentation with our Aerial Orthophotographic Time Lapse Maps. Witness the evolution of landscapes, urban sprawl, and environmental changes with unparalleled clarity and precision.

Our service offers a temporal journey through high-resolution, georeferenced images that capture the essence of transformation over time. Ideal for developers, environmental agencies, and municipal planners, these maps are a powerful tool for tracking progress, assessing impact, and making informed decisions based on concrete visual evidence.

Unlock the full potential of your projects and policies with our time lapse maps. From the meticulous planning stages to the final stages of development, our maps provide an indisputable record of change and progress. With this innovative tool at your disposal, you can plan smarter, report more accurately, and preserve a visual legacy of your impact on the world's canvas.



Excellence through advancement

We build systems dedicated specifically for our task. We have combined a pod system which expands to eight cameras including an IMU with pitch roll and yaw accuracy to 0.01 degrees built into the camera pod. This results in highly accurate data straight from capture.

Our proprietary camera array of up to eight cameras allows us to capture extremely large areas fast. This makes large area survey affordable for everyone 


Digital Elevation Models

Accurate digital elevation models.


3D Photogrammetry for Architects

We combine your architectural models into real world photogrammetry for accurate  replication of views and more. 



Visual and multispectral imagery, from 25cm to 0.5cm resolution aerial data.


Stockpile reporting

Take volumetric measurements with a validated level of confidence. 


3D Point Clouds

We can classify point clouds, and supply in LAS or E57 formats, with a point clouds.


Flooding Visualisation

Accurately depict what water, at a chosen height by the user will look like.


Feel free to ask any questions or request a personalized quote for our expert aerial mapping services. We're here to guide you through our advanced solutions tailored to your specific aerial needs.Thank you & talk soon!